Motorola EVX-S24 Portable digital Two-Way Radio


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The water and dust resistant EVX-S24 can be worn on a belt, tucked into a pocket or clipped to a lapel and is designed for harsh working conditions. EVX-S24 supports both analog and digital modes, making it particularly suitable for users of hybrid analog/digital devices. In digital mode, EVX-S24 provides noise cancellation, allowing you to enjoy clear, loud communication.



• Water and dust proof (IP67)

• Channel capacity:

- 256 channels /16 packets

• 4 programmable keys

• 8-character alphanumeric display

• Security features:

- Individual worker alarms

- Critical Alarm

• Multiple scanning options

• AMBE+2™ Vocoder delivers superior audio quality

• Battery status indicator (low battery alarm)

• Battery power saving function

• Busy Channel Disable (BCLO)

• Timeout timer

• Key lock

• AF Minimum volume

• Automatic shutdown

• Upgrade reminder

• Low battery alarm

• Whisper pattern

• RSSI field strength indication

• Built-in VOX (VH-190 required)

Signaling characteristic

• MDC-1200® ANI coding

-MDC-1200 ANI

-MDC-1200 Call prompt

-MDC-1200 Selects a call

-MDC-1200 Intercom check

-MDC-1200 Disabled or revived

• FleetSync® ANI coding

• CTCSS/DCS encoding and decoding

• 2-Tone encoding/decoding

• 5-Tone encoding/decoding

• Deactivated/killed/resurrected (5-Tone and DTMF paging)

• DTMF encoding/decoding


• DTMF paging

• DTMF speed dial

Simulation mode characteristics

• Busy Channel Disable (BCLO)

• Automatic Range Response System (ARTS™)

• Voice reversal encryption

Digital mode characteristic

• Passthrough mode

• Forced launch interruption

• Site search

• Information control and privacy

• Text message

• Full call, group call, individual call

• Basic and enhanced privacy protections

• Intercom check

• Walkie-talkies are dead/off

• Remote monitoring (decoding)

• Call prompt

• Call history

• Encryption in pass-through mode or trunk mode

• Emergency alarm

• Scanning options:

- Scan (Mixed mode - Analog/digital channel)

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