Motorola XiR E8628i PDT Explosion-proof police digital cluster Two-Way Radio

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MOTOTRBO XiR E8628i PDT Police Digital Trunking Intercom allows you to move more freely while maintaining clearer and more secure communications. The XiR E8628i PDT Police Digital trunking Intercom is designed for professionals who need efficient communication for mobile office and operations. The next generation of walkie-talkies is exquisite in design and excellent in performance. It realizes voice and digital connection and can provide your enterprise with comprehensive connectivity.

MOTOTRBO XiR E8628i PDT Police digital trunking Intercom rugged, compact design, support PDT trunking, PDT conventional, MPT trunking, DMR conventional. Small shape, easy to carry; The antenna is short and efficient, and will not interfere with your work. Tested to military standards, it provides extreme durability while being IP68 rated dust and water resistant, providing almost complete protection from dust and water intrusion. Enables you to establish communication anytime, anywhere, even in the harshest work environments.

Connection capacity
XiR E8628i PDT Police digital trunking Intercom provides operationally critical voice and data communications. With support for clustering and traditional simulation technologies, you can ensure that your enterprise maintains excellent communication capabilities while continuing to grow.

Responsive push-to-touch technology ensures employee safety. The distinctive orange panic button on the XiR E8628i PDT police digital trunking intercom supports a one-touch call for help and, if necessary, uses a forced-launch interrupt to eliminate channel interference. The integrated accelerometer senses when you fall and initiates a call for help.


• The integrated accelerometer provides an optional Man Down alarm
• Indoor positioning
• Support Beidou and GPS positioning
• Improved audio quality
• Improved scalability
• Wider coverage
• Better dustproof and waterproof performance (up to IP68)

PDT digital cluster main functions:
• Support cluster mode operation (TMO)
Regular pass-through mode operation (DMO)
Normal relay mode operation (RMO)
• Register, go register
• Authentication
• Roaming/overzone switching
• Voice single call
• Voice group call
• Emergency call
• Identify the speaker
• Remote death
• remote halo
• Resurrection
• Short message
Satellite positioning information transmission (Beidou, GPS dual-mode)
• Landline telephone calls
• Power control
• End-to-end security

• Smart audio
• IMPRES audio
# SINC+ noise cancellation
• Acoustic feedback suppressor
• Microphone distortion control
• User optional audio mode
• Speaker switch
• Enhanced vibrato

PDT digital general main functions:
• Voice single call
• Voice group call
• Text message
• Channel scanning
• Caller ID is displayed

Main functions of MPT1327 simulation cluster:
• Single call
• Group call
• PSTN/PABX calls
• Emergency call
• Priority call
• Broadcast call
• Remote death
• Resurrection

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