Motorola Mag One A1D digital commercial Two-Way Radio

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The compact and lightweight model of the Mag One series of digital commercial walkie-talkies,
Help small and medium-sized commercial enterprises effectively improve work efficiency

Small and medium-sized businesses in retail, hospitality, catering, property, service, property and event management all want to achieve clear voice communication at a lower cost, to better serve customers and improve work efficiency.

The Mag One A1D digital commercial handheld wireless walkie-talkie is your "affordable and easy to master" choice. Weighing only 240g *, the A1D is lightweight and easy to use. It is not only economical and applicable, but also can help enterprises to implement the planned analog to digital leisurely upgrade, achieve higher cost performance.

With its blend of analog and digital technologies, clear voice, strong battery life, and support for multigroup communication and voice notifications, it helps users communicate clearly and work with focus to meet the needs of different industries, including retail, hospitality, catering, service, property and event management.


• Easy to use
Weight only 240g *, compact and lightweight. Ergonomic design, with quality touch PTT button and 2 programmable fast access buttons, use is very easy and convenient.

• Clear voice
Audio output power of 500mW, clear and loud call effect allows you to smooth communication in noisy environment.

• Multi-team communication
It has 16 channels and can be programmed as analog or digital channels for different call groups.

• Focus on your work
The A1D voice notification feature informs the intercom of channel switching, channel mode, battery status and automatic mode switching status so that users can concentrate on the task at hand without distracting themselves.

• Good battery life
Unique power saving function, supporting 1100 mah thin lithium ion battery can provide a strong 8 hours of battery life, to meet the needs of the class uninterrupted use.

• Seamless digital upgrades
Available in both analog and digital modes, its automatic mode switching and accessory support allow users to easily upgrade from analog to digital.

• A wide range of industry applications
It can meet the needs of users in different industries such as retail, hotel, catering, service, property and event management.

• General characteristics
• 16 channels
• Analog/digital dual mode
• Group call/individual call
• Dual-mode scanning
• Timeout timer
• Power Option -- 2/4W (UHF)
• USB programming interface **

* Comes with thin lithium-ion batteries.
** A1D special programming cable is required.

The VOX feature in the walkie-talkie accessories does not work with A1D walkie-talkies

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