Motorola Mag One EVX-C52 digital Two-Way Radio

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Digital walkie-talkies help you improve communication quality and value

The EVX-C52 is eVerge™ 's C-Series Intermediate DMR digital intercom that enables you to communicate with eVerge™' s powerful digital capabilities to make your digital migration journey easier and more efficient. The EVX-C52 has a robust construction, excellent performance, and offers great value without compromising quality -- giving you more functionality and flexibility to achieve the best possible communication quality.

EVX-C52 can help any enterprise move from analog to digital communications, towards better communication quality and product value.

Excellent performance and reliability

The excellent RF circuit uses high quality discrete components to ensure that the transceiver index meets the requirements of most parts of the world, and improves the anti-interference capability of the whole machine. The improved design can not only guarantee the performance but also further reduce the failure rate of the main engine and improve the reliability under the conventional service conditions.

Recording function

In digital mode, you can save call content, call time, and incoming and outgoing ID codes. Recording duration up to 200 hours * is supported. Recording files can be imported to the computer for saving or played on the local computer. This function helps users back up and listen back important calls.

Direct mode

A new feature of DMR digital walkie-talkies, the pass-through dual slot allows you to get two communication paths on one frequency, thus doubling the call capacity without a repeater.

32 channels

Allows up to 32 channels to be stored through programming software, each channel can be individually defined as digital or analog mode. These channels can be divided into 2 groups and quickly switched between groups using preset programmable side keys.

Voice channel broadcasting

When the channel is converted, the intercom can broadcast the current channel by voice. This feature is convenient and quick, so users no longer have to look at the intercom when switching channels, thus helping users to focus on their work. This feature is available in both digital and analog modes.

Automatic recognition of type - digital - analog mixed patterns

EVX-C52 can not only work in digital mode, but also be compatible with previous analog systems, especially with analog and digital adaptive functions. The EVX-C52 supports automatic recognition of analog and digital signals so that users can communicate with existing analog intercom users as well as maintain contact with new analog/digital dual mode DMR digital intercom users.


● 3 programmable buttons
● Micro-USB programming interface• 1,000mW internal speaker
• Built-in VOX voice-activated transmission
• 6 sets of one-touch shortcuts
• The battery level is displayed
• Unwanted channels are temporarily deleted
• Programming password

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