Motorola Mag One EVX-Z62 digital Two-Way Radio

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Digital walkie-talkies help you improve communication quality and value

The EVX-Z62 is a cost-effective, affordable digital walkie-talkie that enables you to leverage the powerful digital capabilities of eVerge™ walkie-talkie to communicate, making the digital upgrade process of your walkie-talkie easy and cost effective. eVerge™ Walkie-Talkies are compact and well-made, giving you more functionality and flexibility for better communication quality. The EVX-Z62 is able to help walkie-talkie users transition from analog to digital communication at an affordable price, thus achieving superior audio quality.

Direct mode

Pass-through mode allows you to get two call slots on the same frequency, doubling the call capacity without a repeater.

Recording function

In both analog and digital mode, call content and call time can be saved. Especially in digital mode, incoming and outgoing call ids can be saved at the same time. Recording up to 8 hours or 250 hours [Optional] is supported. Users can easily enable/disable/play/delete recording by pressing a button.

Strong insertion function

At critical moments, the priority intercom can interrupt the current call to ensure that important calls are transmitted first.

Excellent audio output

Digital intercom has strong anti-jamming ability. Provides a clearer call effect, so that you can achieve clear, loud communication in all environments.

Seamless upgrade from analog mode to digital mode

Analog and digital adaptive mode, walkie-talkies support automatic recognition of analog and digital signals. In this way, the user can communicate with both the analog mode only intercom user and the new analog/digital dual mode intercom user.

Channel voice broadcast

During channel switching, the intercom can broadcast the current channel in use. Therefore, users can switch between channels without checking the intercom, which effectively improves working efficiency.

Text message function

With pre-programmed text messages, users can quickly notify administrators of status information, thus improving work efficiency.

IP55 protection level

The IP55 protection grade provides excellent dust and water resistance, making it safe to use in most environments.


●32 channels

●4 programmable buttons

● Excellent audio quality

1,000mW internal speaker

• Recording function: Support up to 8 or 250 hours of [optional] recording (digital/analog)

• Emergency alarm

• Multiple scanning options [including mixed-mode scanning between analog and digital channels]

• Built-in VOX voice-activated transmission

• Channel voice broadcasting

• Adaptive analog/digital channels

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