Original Motorola MOTOTRBO SL1M UHFR1 Portable Handheld Two-Way Radio


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The MOTOTRBO SL1M portable Handheld Walkie-Talkie is compact, easy to hold and rugged, providing users with reliable "one-click" intercom functionality. Whether you are coordinating in an emergency or at a busy event site, SL1M is designed to help you communicate effectively with others.

The SL1M portable walkie-talkie incorporates advanced technology and is very simple to operate. The ergonomically designed body allows easy conversation with just one hand, and the versatile accessory combination allows you to free your hands from busy work and concentrate on the task at hand.

SL1M is compatible with the features of MOTOTRBO digital walkie-talkies, which is particularly important for business processing. For example, if an emergency call needs to be connected during communication, the current call can be temporarily suspended and switched to an emergency call in time. In addition, SL1M is compatible with analog calling, which helps users seamlessly connect with their existing communication systems.


Ultra-thin body
The SL1M is less than an inch thick, making it very portable. With its delicate antenna, curved body and rugged shell design, the SL1M is your perfect working partner. Based on the above design, the walkie-talkie is not easy to snip on clothes and saves space. It can be carried around in a pocket or handbag.

• Simple operation
SL1M is simple and intuitive to operate. Volume controls on the side, a unique power button, a well-positioned intercom button, and an easy-to-use channel switch at the top all make it easy to use with one hand. Fast Channel Switching allows users to quickly switch between 10 channels at once.

• Leading technology
SL1M uses advanced technology to deliver superior performance and ease of operation. The earthquake-resistant "Screen View" display module uses an LED matrix display that automatically shuts down during non-talk time to extend battery life. The SL1M also uses "Range Max" technology, an advanced intercom design and patented antenna design that allows the SL1M to maintain a thin body while improving battery life and significantly increasing communication range.

• Strong and durable
The SL1M portable walkie-Talkie with IP54 grade dust and water resistant design is rugged and can be used in harsh environments. And has good anti-fall performance. In addition, the performance above SL1M has passed the accelerated aging experiment of MOTOROLA system under the overload working state for up to 5 years.

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