Motorola MOTOTRBO SLR 1000 relay station

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Reduce complexity and expand coverage

Continuous intercom coverage is required to ensure that your team is always in touch. However, network dead spots and remote locations often pose barriers to seamless communication.

Unlike traditional Repeaters, the SLR 1000 is IP65 rated for dust and water protection, making it widely deployed in campuses, parking garages, and other outdoor locations. The compact shape provides more installation options, such as on walls or railings. Low power fanless design reduces space occupancy, lower energy consumption, and saves money for you at any time.

As enterprises scale up, SLR 1000 can grow with enterprises. It is widely available for both conventional and clustered systems, with full support for voice and data so that upgrading to larger systems eliminates the need to purchase a larger repeater.

In short, this is technology you can trust. Since MOTOROLA Systems has over a decade of experience in the DMR field, you can count on us and our proven MOTOTRBO technology to do the job.


Provides comprehensive protection and can be used in a variety of environments

Since the SLR 1000 is IP65 rated for dust and water protection, it can be used indoors/outdoors. Unlike a traditional relay station, you have the flexibility to use it in a variety of places, such as parking garages, subway tunnels, and other possible wet and rainy locations.

No matter where you deploy, you don't need to worry about maintenance and repair. A fanless design means less noise, less intrusion by particles, and fewer components -- but greater coverage.

The deployment range is wider

The SLR 1000 makes it easy. Compact design, can be installed on the wall or railings. Since the SLR 1000 does not need to be cooled by ventilation and air conditioning, there are more options for installation locations. At the same time, it eliminates the trouble and additional cost of ventilation and air conditioning planning.

Achieve full coverage economically and efficiently

The SLR 1000 features a low-power, fanless design, resulting in lower energy consumption and significant cost savings. Plus, it takes up less space, reducing the attendant site requirements and high licensing fees. Want additional functionality at a lower infrastructure cost? Just add a few accessories, such as a small mountable antenna, optional diplexer or single frequency relay antenna switch.

Grow up with you

Even with conventional walkie-talkie to walkie-talkie systems, there is no need to buy more frequencies to extend voice coverage. Simply deploy the SLR 1000 with single-frequency pass-through mode to extend coverage without any additional expense.


Team communication allows employees to communicate instantly, not only without boundaries, but also to increase the intelligence level of the entire enterprise. Use MOTOTRBO products with WAVETM and other data solutions to seamlessly connect machines, applications, and people, helping to bridge the gap and get things done faster.

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