Motorola MTM5000 TETRA Mobile Radios

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MTM5000 Series: Safe, reliable and effective TETRA mobile two-way radios

MTM5400 has Class 2 and Class 3 power modes as well as Gateway and Repeater capability - providing extended coverage.

MTM5500 builds on the capabilities of the MTM5400 and enables the installation of multiple control heads up to 40m from the transceiver. The MTM5500 also enables multiple transceivers to be supported from a single control head.


Supports a wide range of installation options

The MTM5000 Series radios support a variety of installation options including: fixed control room, vehicle, motorcycle and custom installation. They can be used in a wide range of industries, including public safety, seaports, airports, railway and transportation, or hospitality.


The MTM5000 series radios are designed and tested to be rugged. They pass or exceed MIL-STD-810 and ETSI 300 019-1-5 and ETSI 300 019 -2-5 standards for environmental tests. They are also guaranteed to work at cold temperatures of down to -30˚C and heat exposure of up to 60˚C.

Extend coverage with DMO Repeater and Gateway

The MTM5400 and MTM5500 radios can act as a Repeater between two or more users not in range with each other, but are within range of the mobile radio - enabling SDS, Status Messages and Voice communications between them.

The MTM5400 and MTM5500 radios can also act as a Gateway to the TETRA network providing connectivity for radios operating in Direct Mode Operation (DMO), so that the DMO radios (out of TETRA network range) can communicate with the Trunked Mode Operation (TMO) radios.


Telephone Style Control Head

The MTM5500 supports the Telephone Style Control Head (TSCH) - ideal for telephone style communications, supporting full duplex private calls as well as half duplex communications. The screen orientation can be adjusted to accommodate different fitting options.

The TSCH can be used in a dual control head configuration and also in conjunction with our other control head options.

To minimise training, the TSCH uses the same user interface found in our range of portable radios.


Dual Control Head and Multi Radio Control

The MTM5500 with dual control head option enables users to operate the radio from two separate locations. The control heads can be up to 40m from the transceiver, enabling them to be up to 80m apart.

The ability to control multiple radios is essential for multiple agencies, joint operations or bilateral cross border operations. The MTM5500 also enables either the Remote Ethernet Control Head (ReCH) or the Telephone Style Control Head (TSCH) to control two transceivers.

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