Motorola MTP3100 TETRA Two-Way Radio

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The MTP3100 has been optimized for superior audio performance and rugged durability in all high-noise and demanding calling environments where user safety is a top priority. Users can easily learn the features of TETRA. For users familiar with TETRA, the walkie-talkie will still be powerful and useful. The MTP3100 TETRA portable walkie-Talkie has super high performance and reliability, which is an essential choice to improve labor productivity and ensure user safety. The MTP3100 combines the perfect features of a public safety two-way walkie-talkie to ensure high volume and clear call quality even in high-noise working environments.

MTP3100 is manufactured to the highest quality standards and comprehensively exceeds all 11 categories of the MIL-810 standard. Furthermore, as with all MOTOROLA TETRA walkie-talkies, the MTP3100 was designed to undergo an accelerated life test that simulates a service life of more than five years, ensuring that it withstands the most severe conditions and reduces maintenance costs over its lifetime with durability.

One model for mastering all critical calls/more secure
The MTP3100 intercom combines all the advantages of TETRA digital technology to improve labor productivity and safety. These advantages include: superior audio quality through full-duplex voice services, PABX and PSTN interconnections, single and group calls, priority and emergency calls, short data services and location services. MTP3100 also incorporates protection inherent in TETRA digital signal technology. MTP3100 provides a secure communication platform with Mutual Authentication technology

Simple yet powerful user interface/Easier
To minimize staff training costs, MTP3100 features a mobile-style user interface for quick familiarity. It also has a large screen that can be set to color or black and white, and supports 65,536 bright colors and large, zoomable fonts. Customizable menus and a simplified keyboard further enhance the usability of the walkie-talkie, making it quick and intuitive.


High performance and durable
• Strong and lightweight, showing extremely high reliability even in harsh conditions
• Excellent audio quality for the most demanding calling environments
• Comprehensive accessories, to provide you with tailored solutions
• Optimized user interface
• Remote programming helps you effectively save the cost of intercom terminal management
• High audio power for call clarity and reliability
• Large high-resolution color (or black and white) display
• Can handle noisy phone situations such as fires, riots and tea breaks
• Protection class IP65, new strong bottom and side connectors
• Longer distance and smooth communication within the building

Unified communication, overall security
• Cluster and general modes of operation
• Full-duplex PABX and PSTN interconnection
• Personal security and emergency calling capabilities
• Optional integrated GPS for personnel location

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