Motorola MTP3150 TETRA Two-Way Radio

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The full-featured MTP3150 (including GPS) offers the full TETRA feature pack and comes with a full keyboard.

It's safer.
For situations where security is critical, the optimized TETRA walkie-talkie delivers superior audio performance for all types of high-noise and demanding calling environments. With the volume set as high as possible, the speaker and accessories output clearer sound. The Slimport speaker emits sound that evenly surrounds the walkie-talkie no matter where it is carried. The Automatic Gain Control system can adjust the volume of audio signals transmitted over the TETRA network to large volumes or soft volumes, eliminating the need for multiple audio profiles.
The MTP3150's highly sensitive receiver enables it to maintain calls under the most demanding conditions, and is capable of making calls over long distances, in multiple built-up areas, and within buildings. MOTOROLA has added an industrial-grade Class 3L (1.8W) power output option to the model, considering that high power can further increase long-distance and in-building call performance.

The MTP3150 comes with two brand new connectors that offer excellent corrosion resistance, rugged strength and conductivity, and low plug impedance. The side connectors have good drawing strength. The bottom connector is self-cleaning designed to prevent dust and dirt accumulation and is easy to clean, with associated protection within the intercom.
Manufactured to the highest standards of quality, the MP3150 comprehensively exceeds all 11 categories of the MIL-810 standard. Furthermore, as with all MOTOROLA TETRA walkie-talkies, the MTP3150 is designed to undergo an accelerated life test that simulates a service life of more than five years, ensuring that it withstands harsh conditions and provides durability to reduce maintenance costs over its lifetime.

More convenient
The two-knob design will remain in place for users transitioning from analog walkie-talkies or those who need to use them for other reasons. In addition, the new side connector makes connecting and disconnecting very easy and fast. The wide, transparent display allows more characters to be displayed in edit mode and allows users to easily see the display in low and direct sunlight. The interphone comes with its own accessories configuration file, which can be compatible with various accessories provided by MOTOROLA.
The keyboard uses tilted keys, which is not only easy to use, but also can avoid pressing the wrong key.
To minimize staff training costs, MTP3150 uses a mobile-style user interface for quick familiarity. The model also includes a large color display that supports 262k bright colors and large zoomable fonts. Customizable menus and a simplified keyboard further enhance the usability of the walkie-talkie, making it quick and intuitive.


High performance and durable
• Rugged and durable, showing extremely high reliability even in harsh conditions
• Excellent audio quality for the most demanding calling environments
• Comprehensive accessories, to provide you with tailored solutions
• Optimized user interface
• The remote programming function helps you effectively save the cost of intercom terminal management
• High audio power for call clarity and reliability
• High-resolution color display
• Can handle noisy phone situations such as fires, riots and tea breaks.
• Protection class IP65, new strong bottom and side connectors
• Longer distance and smooth communication within the building.

Unified communication, overall security
• Cluster mode and general operation mode
• Full-duplex PABX and PSTN interconnection
• Personal security and emergency calling capabilities
• Optional integrated GPS for personnel location

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