Motorola MTP3550 TETRA Portable Two-Way Radio

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The MTP3550 TETRA portable Intercom features a color display and a full keyboard, providing outstanding performance and reliability to help improve employee productivity and ensure user safety.

MTP3550 provides public safety users with key features such as end-to-end encryption, drop-down alarms, and vibration alerts. Embedded Secure Bluetooth support for connecting accessories and collaborating devices.
The TETRA intercom is specially optimized to deliver superior audio performance and durability in a variety of noisy, harsh environments. It uses the Class 3L power output option to achieve longer transmission distances and improve communication performance within the building. In addition, MTP3550 has high reception sensitivity to maintain efficient communication even in the most demanding environments.
Strong and durable
The MTP3550 intercom is designed to the highest quality standards, exceeding all 11 categories of the MIL-810 standard. The MTP3550 TETRA portable Walkie-Talkie passed an accelerated life test simulating over 5 years of use; These tests ensure it withstands harsh conditions and provides superior durability to help reduce support costs.


Performance, strong and durable

• Rugged and durable to achieve optimal reliability in harsh conditions
• Excellent sound quality in the most demanding environments
• Full range of accessories to provide tailored solutions
• Optimized user interface
• Remote programming tools that enable cost-effective management of intercom terminals
• High-resolution color display
• Designed to cope with fire scenes, riot scenes and dusty, dirty environments.
• IP65, IP66, and IP67

Shared information
Get Bluetooth data instantly
Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth data devices for easy real-time information sharing.

Simple yet powerful user interface
The MTP3550 features a familiar mobile-style user interface that minimizes user training costs. Its display supports 26,200k bright colors and adjustable font sizes. Customizable menus and a full digital keypad make interaction with the device fast and intuitive.

Unified communication integrated security

• Clustering and traditional modes of operation
• The PABX connects to the public PSTN
• Employee safety and emergency call features
• Optional integrated Global Positioning System (GNSS) to support staff tracking

Data application

Implement the industry's largest application developer program to provide data applications tailored to your business needs, including location tracking, work order management, scheduling, and telephony.

TETRA is designed to work in the harshest, most demanding environments
The MTP3000 series walkie-talkies have important features necessary for safe and efficient operations of employees, with significant improvements in audio and robustness. The user interface has been optimized to make it easy for users who have used analog walkie-talkies. It also includes two controls for group calls and volume.

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