Motorola MTP8000Ex TETRA Portable Radio

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MTP8000Ex Series TETRA ATEX Portable Radios

The MTP8000Ex Series radios meet the latest V6 ATEX and IECEx standard for users who work in areas with potentially explosive gases, chemical vapours, flammable liquids or combustible dust.
The MTP8500Ex has a limited keypad, ideally suited for use while wearing heavy gloves. For users that need a full keypad we offer the MTP8550Ex. Both radios have powerful audio, long battery life, and advanced ergonomics for ease of use.



The MTP8000Ex Series is optimised for excellent audio performance in all types of noisy environments. Audio through both the speaker and accessories is clear, even at full volume, and the user can be heard clearly against loud background noise.


From their form to their function, these radios are certified to the latest standards listed by ATEX and IECEx for users who work in areas with potentially explosive gases, chemical vapours, flammable liquids or combustible dust.
The radios work in both the cold and wet or the dust and heat, with IP65, IP66 and IP67 ratings. They can be easily identified without causing any risk to user safety, through the nameplate, rather than through the use of stick-on labels or external markers that can compromise certification.


The MTP8000Ex Series has innovative features and advanced ergonomics to make it easy to use. The intuitive user interface, large main colour display and the secondary top display make it easy to see emergency notifications, talk group status or battery condition.
The T-Bar profile, exaggerated control knob, tactile keypad, enlarged emergency button and textured PTT button make it easy to hold and use the radio.


High receiver sensitivity and high transmit power gives the MTP8000Ex Series great coverage and enhanced in-building performance. For extra safety, the radio is fitted with an LED coverage indicator at the base of the antenna, alerting the user when coverage is poor.
With a long battery life, workers can be confident that the MTP8000Ex Series radios will be ready for a longer shift in the event of emergencies or unplanned situations.


Bluetooth enables a range of wireless accessories and collaborative devices to be paired with the radios from headsets and microphones for use in loud environments to large PTT buttons for use with protective clothing, reducing the risk of catching wires.
Smart device applications can be developed to control the radio via Bluetooth. In addition, Bluetooth can be used to pair the radios with bio-monitors or gas sensors to automatically alert control and the workers to dangerous conditions.

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