Motorola MTP8000EX TETRA ATEX Explosion-Proof Type Two-Way Radio


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The MTP8000Ex series sets a new standard in the field of TETRA ATEX intrinsically secure intercom. From form to function, these new intercom products have been carefully designed to meet the needs of the workforce to provide safe, reliable and efficient communication in hazardous environments. The new generation of TETRA ATEX explosion-proof walkie-talkie meets the latest ATEX and IECEx standards and is a big step forward in improving staff safety, communication and efficiency.

MOTOROLA Systems has more than 20 years of experience in providing intrinsically secure walkie-talkies. More than 100,000 TETRA ATEX explosion-proof walkie-talkies have been shipped, making us the leading supplier of TETRA Walkie-talkies communication solutions for hazardous environments.

Taking full advantage of all this knowledge and experience, we have developed the MTP8000Ex series ATEX explosion-proof intercom, which allows workers to take advantage of large and clear audio, enhanced coverage, exceptional battery life, superior durability, advanced ergonomic design and increased practicality. Work safer, work smarter, work anytime, anywhere.

Oil and gas

Workers in the oil and gas industry are at constant risk from escaping flammable gases or liquids, often working in extreme conditions such as extreme heat, high dust, or cold, wet conditions. Reliable communication is key to working efficiently in these hazardous environments, and staff rely on the ATEX explosion-proof type walkie-talkies for safety.

Fire rescue

Fire and rescue teams have long relied on walkie-talkies to provide efficient communication and save lives. But when firefighters respond to traffic accidents involving tanker trucks or petrochemical plants, they need ATEX explosion-proof walkie-talkies to communicate safely and avoid emergency contingencies.

Mining industry

Escaping flammable gases, such as methane, are a major risk to the mining industry. Reliable communication is the key to working efficiently in such harsh and dangerous environments, and the ATEX explosion-proof type walkie-talkies are essential to ensure the safety of mine personnel, especially during blasting.


Airport facilities are complex and efficient and reliable communication is essential. But there is an explosion hazard if there is a potential fuel leak. ATEX explosion-proof walkie-talkies are becoming increasingly popular in the field to help ensure the safety of workers near aviation fuel and firefighters on site.


Big, clear audio
The MTP8000Ex series has large, clear audio, suitable for use in noisy environments.

• Enhanced coverage
Excellent receiver sensitivity and high transmission power give the MTP8000Ex series enhanced coverage and enhanced built-in performance.

• Coverage indicator
For maximum security, the intercom antenna is equipped with an LED coverage indicator at the bottom, which clearly indicates when the coverage is poor.

• Live for safety
The MTP8000Ex series of Interphones comply with the latest ATEX and IECEx safety standards to ensure that staff and firefighters can work safely in the most dangerous environments.

• Large panic button
The MTP8000Ex series has a modified large panic button that is easy to use even when wearing thick gloves.

• Bluetooth audio
It pairs safely and reliably with a variety of wireless accessories, from headphones and microphones for use in noisy environments to large PTT buttons for use with protective clothing, reducing the risk of entangling cables.

Work smarter

• Intuitive user interface
For simplicity, the interface makes use of ICONS and menus that can be configured to display only the options required by a particular user group.

• Advanced ergonomic design
The T-handle makes the walkie-talkie harder to slip off, easier to hold, and safe to use for long periods of time. Oversized control knobs for volume and call groups, textured PTT buttons and a tactile keyboard are easier to use.

• Top display
The top of the walkie-talkie is equipped with a display screen that allows you to easily view emergency notifications, battery level, volume and call groups while hanging from your belt.

• Nameplate
Using a self-adhesive label or external marker to identify an intercom will violate ATEX certification. Today, the MTP8000Ex series walkie-talkies are easy to identify and do not pose any risk to user security.

• Bluetooth data
Smart devices and tablets can also be securely connected to walkie-talkies via Bluetooth for data collection or for other applications, such as job scheduling.

Work anytime and anywhere

• More robust coverage
With excellent receiver sensitivity and high transmission power, emergency messages can be received by staff in locations that other walkie-talkies cannot cover.

• Advanced ergonomic design
The walkie-talkies are designed with advanced ergonomic design and can be easily used even by staff wearing protective clothing or thick gloves.

• Large, clear audio
Automatic gain control allows workers to communicate with each other in any environment, without fear of noisy background noise or interference.

• Durable design
Comply with the latest ATEX and IECEx safety standards, suitable for use in the harshest and most hazardous environments, conforming to IP65, IP66 and IP67 standards.

• Ultra-long battery life
With an extremely long battery life of more than 16 hours, staff can be assured that the intercom is on standby during extended overtime to respond to emergencies or unplanned situations.

• Bluetooth sensor
Bluetooth can also be used to pair walkie-talkies with biological monitoring or gas sensors to automatically alert control centres and staff when a dangerous situation arises.

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