Motorola R7 FKP digital Two-Way Radio


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The MOTOTRBO R7 features disruptive audio that is not only rugged, but also adaptable to future development needs. Its high-end audio processing ensures your calls are loud and clear, while its rugged construction ADAPTS to harsh environments and advanced connectivity options put your employees in good shape for future demands.


Clear and loud

Delivering enhanced noise reduction, loudness and clarity, MOTOTRBO R7 performs well in challenging audio communication environments, enabling your team to make clear calls anytime, anywhere in the nosiest environments.

Enterprise application

Rugged, tailored to meet business needs and tested to withstand harsh environments, MOTOTRBO R7 not only ensures teams stay connected with customized voice coverage, but also enjoys expert service support and forward-looking safety features that minimize equipment outages.

Meet the needs of future development

Designed to meet the team's current and future communications needs, it features modern, forward-looking design updates and connectivity options that ensure the team stays connected both now and in the future.

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