Original Motorola SLR 5000-VHF Repeater


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To succeed in your business, you need reliable voice and data communications that fully cover your business operations. The MOTOTRBO SLR5000 series repeater provides users with a full-featured communication service covering their workplace with high performance and high reliability.

MOTOTRBO is a powerful combination of walkie-talkie power and digital technology. It seamlessly integrates voice and data capabilities, offers advanced features that are easy to use, and higher capacity to meet your communication needs from any current location in the plant to the shop floor.

Whether you need the simplicity of a regular single-station system or the clustering power of an Intelligent Channel Shared System (Capacity Plus), Linked Capacity Plus, or Connect Plus clustering system, SLR 5000 series can provide your employees with excellent digital communication services. It also operates as an analog repeater (regular system or MPT 1327 system) or a mixed-mode analog/digital repeater when you upgrade from a traditional analog system.


Next generation MOTOTRBO repeater
The SLR 5000 series is a great leap forward in design and technology. Based on extensive field experience, customer feedback and technical innovation, the product provides superior performance and efficiency for your enterprise's communications system. With its solid reliability and many clever features such as integrated battery chargers, the SLR 5000 series represents the next generation of Repeaters.

• High performance
The SLR 5000 Series is designed to provide customers with 24/7 reliable operation, even at continuous full transmission power of 50 W. Its high quality design has been verified by the MOTOROLA Accelerated Life Test (ALT) and meets stringent quality standards.
To provide reliable coverage in your workplace, the product also features a next-generation receiver design with high sensitivity and noise suppression. Combined with 50 W of transmission power and digital error correction, it provides you with clear voice quality even in harsh conditions.
The SLR 5000 Series supports all MOTOTRBO features and is compatible with all MOTOTRBO systems: Digital conventional single base Station system, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Multi-base Station Linked Capacity Plus and Connect Plus Digital cluster system. The IP interface enables you to build applications and consoles directly into your system.

• High efficiency
RF technology provides exceptional energy efficiency for the SLR 5000 series. It also has a space-saving 1U height and low heat, which can help you greatly reduce costs.
Maintenance requirements are simple, with field replaceable power amplifier, power supply and modem modules. USB ports on the front panel support easy configuration and provide optional remote management support. It also has built-in features such as a 3A battery charger, external alarm port, and auxiliary power output to simplify field installation.

• Design for the future
MOTOROLA Systems is committed to providing improved employee communication solutions as your needs change, so the SLR 5000 series has been designed with your future needs in mind. Compared to the first generation repeater, it has 10 times the processing power, 15 times the memory, and 125 times the data storage. The architecture even has extension modules ready to meet your future needs for more functionality.

• MOTOTRBO SLR 5000 Series
With outstanding performance, excellent reliability, clever design and slim shape, the SLR 5000 series repeater is the core of MOTOTRBO professional grade intercom system. For more information, please contact your local Authorized MOTOROLA Systems Channel partner.

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