Original Motorola SRX 2200 VHF Enhanced Combat Radio


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The introduction of the SRX 2200 P25 two-way portable radio combined our proven experience with integrated Intra-Squad Radios (IISR) and rugged combat radio design to deliver secure communications when our troops need it most.

The single-band SRX 2200 has delivered legendary APX™ ruggedness and reliability without compromising on the form factor or features required for routine missions and the most dangerous adversaries. Now, as the ever-increasing needs of tactical and base personnel grow, we are evolving the SRX 2200 to support newer technologies like WiFi, Adaptive Audio Engine and Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology. These life-saving radios provide greater coverage, improve voice communications within squads and maintain the overall safety of our military personnel.



    Supported Frequency Bands: 7/800 MHz, VHF and UHF Range 1 and Range 2 bands

    Modes and Protocols include: Analog MDC-1200 and QCII, Digital P25, Conventional or Trunked, Smartnet / SmartZone, clear or secure, repeater or direct.


    Aggressive T-shape so the radio is easier to grip even with wet or slippery hands.

    Top Display  provides quick access to radio status information and critical notifications.

    Intelligent Lighting uses three simple colors to alert users of critical radio events like emergency, low battery, out of range and private calls and pages.

    Voice Announcement provides audible confirmation of zone/channel selections and various features like scan, direct mode, emergency, encryption and controls lock.

    Covert Settings like ultra-low power operation allows military personnel to communicate in 0.25-watt transmission for low detection (UHFR1 only). Additional settings provide users with the ability to disable lights and tones, and reduce the display backlight, which then becomes visible with night vision goggles.


    Aluminum Alloy Endoskeleton protects the radio's interior from water intrusion even if the outer housing is breached.

    IP68 Rating (standard) ensures the radio can withstand 2 meters of water submersion for 4 hours.

    MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F, G rating ensures you can rely on your radio in the most extreme environments.

    Tempered Glass protects the radio's color display user interface from scratches, impact and pressure.

    Dual Latch Battery protects the radio from resetting, powering off or ejecting the battery upon impact from drops.


    Adaptive Dual-sided Operation using beam-forming technolog, so you can talk into either side of the radio.

    Adaptive Noise Suppression adjusts the audio algorithm so you can cancel out the noise as it changes in the environment.

    Adaptive Speaker Equalization adjusts the 3 watt loud speaker settings based on volume selection so the sound is optimized for talker authenticity at lower volumes and speech intelligibility at higher volumes.

    Adaptive Gain Control adjusts microphone gain based on how loud you talk into the radio to ensure a consistent audio level on the receiving end.

    Adaptive Windporting engages a third microphone in order to cancel out wind noise.


    Update Your Radio Fleet Software more efficiently without interrupting voice communications or waiting for idle radios.

    Up to 20 WiFi Networks can be provisioned in the radio so that users can seamlessly receive radio software updates at facility WiFi access points or in the field via WiFi hot spots.

    GPS Outdoor Personnel Tracking shares your personnel's location, resulting in more efficient task assignment and enhanced officer safety.

    Mission Critical Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 places a wide range of wireless accessories at your disposal and provides personnel with an added level of security by improving response time in emergencies. With Emergency Find Me, a Bluetooth-enabled beacon signal guides other Bluetooth-enabled APX radios within range to assist the user in distress.

    Mission Critical Geofence ensures fast communication and collaboration across multiple departments arriving on a scene by automatically placing first responders in the same talkgroup when they enter an agency-defined virtual barrier.


    Multiple hardware encryption algorithms like AES, DES, ADP with up to 128 keys so sensitive information stays protected from scanners and eavesdroppers.

    Over-the-air Re-key (OTAR) to efficiently update encryption keys of fielded radios over time.

    P25 Radio Authentication ensures only valid users can access the system.

    Two-factor Authentication allows users to securely query databases.

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