Motorola V168 Portable Walkie-Talkie - UHF

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A new choice of voice communication with quality and cost performance

Simple and practical
Abandoning complex functions and programming Settings, V168 let users return to the walkie-talkie voice communication essence experience! Compact size and only 200 grams of the whole machine quality in light and portable premise can still provide loud voice; With efficient antenna, also make communication distance more guaranteed.

16 channels
The V168 can be programmed to store up to 16 channels, each of which can be individually defined for transceiver frequency, subtone code, wide and narrow band, high and low power, scan add, and busy lock.

Voice channel broadcasting
During channel conversion, the intercom can broadcast the current channel by voice (default Chinese, English or disabled). Users can switch channels without looking at the walkie-talkie, thus improving the efficiency of work.

Busy channel locking
When this function is enabled through programming software, the intercom will first detect whether the current channel is occupied before transmitting. In this case, the user is prohibited from transmitting signals on this busy channel to avoid interfering with established voice communication.

Loud voice
The voice output power of the intercom is up to 1000mW, ensuring that users can hear each other's speech clearly even in noisy working environment.

Lithium battery solutions
The 1300mAh lithium battery solution provides up to 11 hours of service time on a 5-5-90 working cycle (5% launch, 5% receive, 90% standby). When the battery is low, the intercom can remind the user "Please charge" by voice in time, which is considerate and practical.

Universal interface accessories
The universal interface can be used to connect the standard intercom voice accessories, which can save the cost of the user.

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