Motorola V168 Portable Walkie-Talkie - UHF

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128 channels
The display and functional keyboard feature an eye-catching backlight, allowing users to operate the intercom efficiently and intuitively, even in dark environments. The V468 can be programmed software or manually set to store up to 128 channels, each channel can be individually defined transceiver frequency, subtone code, wide and narrow band, high and low power, and DTMF identity code on or off functions.

Frequency manual setting
When the setting of the programming software allows manual setting, in frequency mode, the user can manually input the required working frequency and set the difference frequency parameters through the intercom keyboard, so as to facilitate the user to establish a temporary channel to meet the special use requirements.

DTMF signaling
Two-tone multifrequency (DTMF) is a method of representing digits in tones in a speech channel. It can be used to transmit signaling in an analog speech channel. The V468 provides the following DTMF signaling codification and decoding functions: PTT-ID identity code transmission and ANI display, selective call and remote closure management. These signaling can provide users with higher level and rich usage functions.

Programmable shortcut keys
The side keys of the body can be defined into different preset functions by programming software. Users can select up to 4 of the 5 preset functions for the definition of side keys according to their own use needs, so as to enhance the convenience of use. The efficient and fast operation will bring better experience and value to users.

VOX voice-activated launch
Instead of manually pressing the PTT key, you can use voice to activate the intercom and launch it. The V468's built-in VOX voice control feature allows users to easily communicate with each other without having to intentionally do so, and with refined gain and delay Settings, it is ideal for specific use situations.

Loud voice
The voice output power of the intercom is up to 1000mW, ensuring that users can hear each other's speech clearly even in noisy working environment.

IP54 protection level
The IP54 protection grade provides basic dust and water resistance, making it safe for users to use in most everyday environments.

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