Original Motorola XiR C2620 136-174MHz Handheld Digital Two-Way Radio

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Are you still struggling with performance and price when choosing a walkie-talkie? Now you no longer have to make the choice to sacrifice device performance. MOTOTRBO™ XiR C2620 Walkie-Talkie will be a brand new choice for you. This series can improve the communication efficiency and easy to use, is a professional design and production of practical entry-level walkie-talkie.

Experience MOTOTRBO™ digital Voice Communications, trusted by millions of users for its superior voice quality and outstanding performance. This will allow your business to achieve higher productivity while effectively reducing operating expenses.
The XiR C2620 walkie-talkie is easy to use and can be easily upgraded with existing analog systems. When your business is considering upgrading to a digital system, these new digital walkie-talkies are compatible with analog and digital modes in their work. Accessory compatibility ensures that you can continue to use the batteries, antennas, and chargers you already purchased, which further protects your investment.
Digital walkie-talkies perform better than analog walkie-talkies in environments with higher requirements for equipment or longer working hours, and can ensure that voice communication is delivered more clearly and clearly. Prefabricated text messages can be sent at the push of a button. If you have more requirements for equipment features and want to reduce operating costs, then this series of walkie-talkies will be a good choice for you.
The cost-effective XiR C2620 walkie-talkies offer many of the benefits of digital technology -- 40% more talk time than analog walkie-talkies in digital mode, 12.5kHz bandwidth double voice capacity, and better audio performance. Your MOTOTRBO™ intercom will provide clearer voice communication throughout the call range without the static electricity and background noise of analog models.


Analog/digital dual mode
• Voice broadcasting
• Simultaneous calls in dual-slot mode
• Pre-programmed text messages
• Strong insertion function (decoding)
• Comply with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Standard 1
• IP54 grade dustproof and waterproof

The 1 function is only available in digital mode

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