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In the rail industry, we help you upgrade your enterprise communication systems to make collaboration smarter and more secure.

MOTOTRBO is powerful and versatile. Intelligent audio and powerful data management realize the perfect combination of walkie-talkie function and digital technology. In terms of structure design and function implementation, MOTOTRBO railway special four-hole/flat-panel handheld walkie-talkie provides many enhanced functions including: call recording playback, GPS/Beidou positioning and time calibration, intelligent audio, super long battery life and so on, and fully meets the technical specification of railway walkie-talkie equipment TJ/DW195-2017.

MOTOTRBO railway special four-hole/tablet handheld walkie-talkie products to help you optimize the way of work collaboration, achieve higher work efficiency.


Audio quality beyond imagination

Needless to say, digital walkie-talkies provide clearer voice calls. The railroad-specific four-hole/flat-panel handheld walkie-talkies provide excellent digital audio performance throughout your coverage area, with unique features that help employees communicate clearly no matter where they are.

Smart audio automatically adjusts the volume of the walkie-talkie to compensate for background noise, so workers don't have to adjust the volume of the walkie-talkie to avoid missing calls in noisy environments or disturbing others in quiet areas. Enhanced background noise suppression helps filter out unwanted external noise -- from heavy equipment to the roar of engines.

Powerful data

MOTOTRBO's app makers plan to offer customized data applications, so the walkie-talkies can be tailored to business needs. With a developer plan, data applications can help you achieve your goals.

Super performance

MOTOTRBO uses TDMA digital technology, so you get voice and data integration, twice the call capacity, and clearer voice communication. In terms of battery performance, a fully charged MOTOTRBO walkie-talkie lasts 40 percent longer than a conventional analog walkie-talkie.

Rich function

Rail-specific four-port/flat-panel handheld walkie-talkies offer many enterprise-required features -- including enhanced call signaling, palette scalability, and force-interrupt transmission capabilities that help users prioritize emergency communications. Customized voice prompts confirm channel, area and programmable key functions with voice when workers need to focus.

Coverage area

Employees are hard at work every day -- lifting heavy loads, repairing roads, providing security, responding to customer requests, or restoring power after a storm.

IP base station interconnection helps greatly improve customer service and productivity by creating a wide area network by extending coverage using the Internet, extending the coverage of a single base station or connecting geographically dispersed base stations together.

Transition at your own pace

It is critical for any business to run smoothly through a change in communications systems. A railway-specific four-hole/flat-panel handheld walkie-talkie operates in both analog and digital modes to help you transition easily to digital mode. To further simplify this transition, the dynamic mixed-mode repeater feature simplifies automatic switching between analog and digital calls. So you can start using MOTOTRBO walkie-talkies and Repeaters on an existing analog system; You can transition to digital mode at your own pace, as time and budget allow.

Constant durability

Four-hole/flat panel hand-held walkie-talkies for railways meet higher durability and reliability specifications, including dust and water resistance levels IP54, U.S. Army Standard 810 C, D, E, F, and G. The standard warranty for rail-specific four-hole/flat-panel handheld walkie-talkies is two years and one year for batteries and accessories.

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