Original Motorola XiR P3688 VHF Handheld Two-Way Radio

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You want to communicate with your employees as efficiently as possible. You expect your intercom device to be economical, practical and functional, so that it can better meet your work needs. Today, a mainstream professional handheld digital walkie-talkie that can bring you excellent voice communication effect, and can present the bright and clear digital voice communication function according to your needs comes to you.

MOTOTRBO combines outstanding performance with new analog and digital technologies to create a complete line of professional digital walkie-talkies with a wide range of applications and capabilities. MOTOTRBO™ is also flexible. From purely voice-enabled handheld walkie-talkies to feature-rich voice and data walkie-talkies, the MOTOTRBO™ family of products can be tailored to the needs of different users.

As a dual-mode analog/digital interphone product, the rugged MOTOTRBO™ XiR P3688™ delivers all the benefits of new technology: from superior voice features to greater coverage and longer battery life. This cost-effective handheld walkie-talkie also comes with advanced features that MOTOTRBO™ brings to enterprise users, such as force-interrupting transmissions to prioritize critical communications.

Now you can increase your productivity with easy voice communication, which is exactly what you need.


 Analog/digital dual mode

• Voice call

• In direct mode, two time slots talk at the same time

• Compliant with digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standards

• Meet narrowband requirements

• IP54 rating

Selectable function

• Intercom management product suite

• Forced transmission interrupt (decode only)

Liaise and coordinate with staff

When you need a simple, reliable and cost-effective communication solution to connect, coordinate and cooperate with multiple employees, the XiR P3688 handheld walkie-talkie is the perfect choice for this task.

With its easy-to-use ergonomic design and crisp, clear voice function, the XiR P3688 intercom enables your team to work more efficiently. Equipped with Motorola Original® accessories designed, produced, and tested specifically to optimize walkie-talkie performance, the XiR P3688 walkie-talkie is able to unleash even more powerful performance. (Please refer to the product manual for the full range of accessories for details).


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