Motorola XiR P8668i PDT Explosion-proof police digital cluster Two-Way Radio

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XiR P8668i PDT explosion-proof police digital cluster Interphone has passed the national explosion-proof Electrical Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center CNEX national explosion-proof standard certification, obtained the explosion-proof certificate. Its explosion-proof mark is:

Ex ib IIB T3 Gb/Ex ibD 21 T160℃

The XiR P8668i PDT explosion-proof police digital cluster Intercom can be used in explosive gas and dust environments specified by its explosion-proof mark.

The XiR P8668i PDT explosion-proof police digital trunking Intercom provides many enterprise-required features -- including enhanced call signaling, palette scalability, and force-interrupt transmission capabilities to help users prioritize emergency communications. The display displays programmable button functions for easy viewing and quick access. Customized voice prompts confirm channel, area and programmable key functions with voice when workers need to focus.

XiR P8668i PDT digital cluster intercom for explosion-proof police support 350MHz PDT police standard provisions of the functions, including support for digital cluster (PDT cluster), digital conventional (PDT conventional and DMR conventional), analog cluster (MPT1327 cluster), analog conventional five modes of work. The product can be used in the existing analog system, as well as the new digital system smooth transition.

Smart audio automatically adjusts the volume of the intercom to compensate for background noise, so workers don't have to adjust the volume of the intercom to avoid missing calls in noisy environments or disturbing others in quiet areas. Enhanced background noise suppression helps filter out unwanted external noise -- from heavy equipment to the roar of engines.


• Support cluster mode operation (TMO)
Regular pass-through mode operation (DMO)
Normal relay mode operation (RMO)
• Register, go register
• Authentication
• Roaming/overzone switching
• Voice single call
• Voice group call
• Emergency call
• Identify the speaker
• Remote death
• remote halo
• Resurrection
• Short message
• Satellite positioning information transmission (Beidou, GPS dual-mode)
• Landline telephone calls
• Power control
• End-to-end security

• Smart audio
• IMPRES audio
# SINC+ noise cancellation
• Acoustic feedback suppressor
• Microphone distortion control
• User optional audio mode
• Speaker switch
• Enhanced vibrato

PDT digital general main functions:
• Voice single call
• Voice group call
• Text message
• Channel scanning
• Caller ID is displayed

Main functions of MPT1327 simulation cluster:
• Single call
• Group call
• PSTN/PABX calls
• Emergency call
• Priority call
• Broadcast call
• Remote death
• Resurrection

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