Motorola XIR P8668 EX ATEX High Grade Digital Explosion Proof Intercom

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Whether it's an oil rig or an empty mine, your employees face daily threats from explosive gases, flammable dust, or chemical gases. In this dangerous environment, secure and reliable communication is absolutely critical. For this reason, MOTOTRBO digital walkie-talkie stands out with its powerful capability and excellent performance.

The MOTOTRBO XiR P8600Ex series combines the power of a walkie-talkie with digital technology, seamlessly integrating voice and data to provide easy-to-use enhanced features and higher capacity, enabling you to efficiently connect all of your staff. The XiR P8600Ex series features outstanding voice quality, exceptional battery life, and ATEX safety certification, enabling your employees to stay securely and efficiently connected whenever their work requires them, no matter where they are.


You can talk clearly in extremely noisy environments
The XiR P8600 Ex series of high performance handheld walkie talkie has earned the advanced ATEX explosion-proof rating, making it ideal for you to work in noisy, long hours, bad weather and hazardous conditions including flammable dust, explosive chemicals, gas leaks, flammable hydrocarbons and more.

XiR P8668 Ex - Adds full keyboard and large color screen with advanced features such as SMS and caller ID.

Strong and durable, can withstand harsh environment
The XiR P8600Ex series is very rugged, meets strict standards, and is advanced ATEX certified. Whether working in a smelter, chemical plant or mine, dust and water can damage walkie-talkies, but the XiR P8600Ex series walkie-talkies can withstand harsh environments. It meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810's requirements for superior durability, with dust and water resistance levels up to IP68 *. The XiR P8600 Ex series has been Accelerated Life Test from MOTOROLA for five years in simulated harsh environments.

Easy to operate
The XiR P8600Ex series features a large PTT, volume, channel knob, and programmable keys for easy use even with gloves on. The large colour screen (unique to the XiR P8668Ex) and bright LED display intercom status information at a glance, together with the prominent orange emergency button, enable workers to quickly seek assistance if needed.

Keep employees in communication wherever they are
MOTOTRBO IP Base Station Interconnection (IP Site Connect) uses the Internet to reach employees anywhere in the world, and scalable single base Station Intelligent Channel Sharing (Capacity Plus) expands communication capacity to more than 1,000 users. Multi-station Intelligent Channel Sharing (Linked Capacity Plus) combines the high density subscriber call management of intelligent channel sharing with the broad reach of IP base station interconnection to cost-effectively connect workers in different locations.

Whether it's in a pipeline or a power station, it's safe to work
Everything in the XiR P8600Ex series is designed with employee safety in mind. Loud, clear call performance, smart audio and innovative features such as Transmit Interrupt help ensure that messages get across in noisy environments. Like walkie-talkies, MOTOROLA's audio and battery accessories meet the exacting ATEX standards.

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