Motorola MOTOTRBO DP1400 Digital Two-Way Radio


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Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ technology is changing the way we communicate with one another.  The simple yet powerful Motorola Solutions DP1400 radio, complete with extended aerial, is a lightweight, private and capable device which will help to keep all members of your team connected at all times.  Rated to IP54, the motorola solutions DP1400 is available in both analogue and digital formats, meaning that you will be able to choose which technology suits your needs the closest.

Backed by a warranty of up to two years, the DP1400 arrives with durability guaranteed.  Take advantage of smart security alerting, noise cancellation and up to 18.5 hours of battery life per charge.  Capable of communicating over up to 16 channels, the DP1400 is a fantastic no-frills, entry-level communications device which is as reliable and as capable as you need it to be – regardless of your environment or needs.  Connect via VHF or UHF band 1 as you see fit.

Not only is the Motorola Solutions DP1400 refreshingly cost-effective, it offers incredible audio quality.  Despite not having some of the bells and whistles of more expensive radio systems, the DP1400 carries the MOTOTRBO™ technology within its shell.  This means that the device has been developed to offer crisp, clear audio regardless of channel.  You may also be surprised as to how long the range on the DP1400 is, too – it can be used indoors and out, making it reliable and ready-to-go in emergency situations.

The DP1400 is also compatible with a range of Motorola accessories, meaning that you will be able to pair your radio with a variety of clips, headsets and more for ease of communication and access.  It is impressively durable and, despite its simple, lightweight appearance, it works extremely hard to keep everyone connected and on the same channel.  If you don’t necessarily need all the frills of more advanced technology, the DP1400 will be perfect for your operation.


  • VHF (136-174MHz); UHF1 (403-470MHz)
  • 16 channels
  • Large, textured push-to-talk button for ease of use
  • 2 programmable buttons to improve ease-of-use and increase operator efficiency
  • Tri-colour LED for clear visual feedback on radio operating status
  • Digital Emergency via programmable button to help ensure rapid response to critical incidents*
  • Sophisticated Emergency Calls help ensure employee safety*
  • Quick, easy-to-use Group and Individual call capability*
  • PTT ID helps improve communications efficiency and system discipline*
  • Elegant channel scanning schemes help ensure calls are received first time every time
  • Basic Privacy*
  • VOX Capability
  • Lone Worker*
  • Programmable Text Messaging Capability*
  • Voice announcement of channel change and feature activation
  • Digital Upgrade via Software Purchase (Analogue Only model)
  • IP54 environmental sealing helps ensure continued operation in tough working conditions
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